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"When a dozen of us gets together, Points and kills will soon gather. Strong like an ox, clever like a fox, When we're on the battlefield the ground rocks. No matter if assault, engineer or support, when shit gets real, We will fight, conquer, resupply and heal. We'll never give up, there's no time for rest, We never do nothing but give our best. No matter if victory is far away or very near, We are a reason for the enemy to fear. When a mate goes down, be calm, don't worry, He will be revived and the enemy will be sorry! Can you feel it soldiers, the victory is here soon, Not surprised at all because we are Foxtrot Platoon!" - Krpa148
Hitman Absolution
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Joined: 27th Sep 2012
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27th Sep 2012

Ko je fan Hitmana ovo ne smije propustiti.
Ja sam ih prošo sve uzduž i poprijeko na najtežoj razini.
Ovaj novi nastavak mise čini fenomenalan.
http://www.youtube.com/wa ... tch?v=EcJhijTI1Ps
Naravno isključuje se sve što ti pomaže 8)
Joined: 26th Sep 2012
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28th Sep 2012

Igrao sam samo dvojku na PS2 i bila je super. Nisam je prešao do kraja jer sam bio prodao konzolu. Inače zanima ne novi Hitman.
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26.4.2012. Foxtort Platoon - Insane Bastards => 0:4 (CQ 6vs6)

16.5.2012.Foxtrot Platoon - Hit Squad => 3:1 (CQ 7vs7)

22.6.2012. Foxtrot Platoon - Tahiti Elite => 0:3 (CQ 8vs8 )

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